Live Stream Events

Our enterprise members live stream programming from anywhere in the world with high speed internet access. Our platform routinely live streams  programming via the internet nationwide. We provide streams for users originating from one location or multiple users in multiple locations (simulcast) simultaneously. Our technology allows us to scale streams to provide service to millions of viewers around the world. 

Our viewers can view webcast on computers, tablets or mobile phones. We can also provide access to viewers by embedding a player directly onto your organizations website or social media accounts like Youtube, Facebook page and more.

Monetize Live Content

In addition, we also offer a paywall. This means your organization can charge for access to the broadcast via pay-per-view. Viewers can pay for access with a credit/debit card through our trusted and secured collection method of PayPal. PayPal also will provide a printout of the transactions collected and Urban Smart Network will provide your organization with the viewer count of attendees.

Our digital designers handle the setup, graphics and engineering of the broadcast. This will allow you to concentrate on delivering your message to the viewers. Our robust technology stack enables world class performance and a rich menu of advanced capabilities for your media distribution including:

  • Sharing images
  • Q & A Section
  • Public or private chat
  • Viewer Polls

Mobile Solutions

Go live from your smart phone:

• Log in with device password
• Access video streaming accounts in your organization
• Select the channel you would like to broadcast to
• Set the title of your broadcast and review recording settings
• Share your channel’s URL
• Record your live broadcast
Access to the app requires an Urban Smart Network Streaming subscription. 
Urban Smart Video streaming solutions provides a secure, end-to-end solution for enterprises and medium-sized businesses for creating, publishing and distributing live and on-demand video content for external and internal audiences.
The video broadcast application let’s content creators produce one-to-many, high-quality, live video broadcasts. These broadcasts are automatically recorded and processed and can be watched by millions of concurrent viewers at the same time from anywhere.
• Chat added to the Broadcasting experience
• Users can now chat with other users directly from the broadcast screen without stopping the stream, using the  Urban Smart Video Streaming platform
• Show/hide chat on-screen while broadcasting
• Chat blends into the broadcast screen with a transparent background so the view does not get obscured
• As a moderator, delete messages, enter slow mode, ban or unban users
• Allow / disallow the posting of URLs on chat
• Various other fixes and improvements

Virtual Studio Solutions

A scalable, cloud-based online video platform that is an end-to-end solution for live or on-demand content to external audiences. Managed from a dashboard by account administrators, Urban Smart Video Streaming supports both ease-of-use and complex setups while being able to scale through built-in multi-CDN support. This solution is used for employee communications; commercial or academic or public service virtual conferences; commercial promotion; government proceedings; concerts or other entertainment; or other virtual services or events, such as recreational classes, weddings, funerals or religious services.

Business or Pleasure

Urban Smart Studios has developed a streaming solution for broadcasting content for business or pleasure. Our engineers monitor, record and simultaneously broadcast your content to Urban Smart Network, your website or social media platforms. Our technology allows you to bring your guest on screen for real time interviews. Lastly, our users can integrate pictures, videos, titles and lower thirds for a professionally packaged broadcast.
Contact us today and get started with our Virtual Studio Broadcast solutions for as low as $650.

Packaging Solutions

As an add-on:

  • Our servers automatically record the content you stream live on our mobile and studio broadcast.
  • Our engineers and digital designers then have the ability to further enhance your project in post production.  
  • Our digital designers can integrate pictures, video, titles and music to deliver a complete professionally edited package of your content.
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